ESF 2018 operation in Senegal

In 2018, BizLine in partnership with Électriciens sans frontières and the local association “Solidarité Sénégal”, supported the electrification project of two schools in the region of Casamance in Senegal: the high school of Ziguinchor and the college of Coubalan, with between them more than 4,600 young people in school. 

Genuine citizen cooperation took place on site between French students, Senegalese apprentices and volunteers from Electriciens sans frontières. Today, we can identify 102 classrooms equipped with electricity, thanks to the installation of 3400 m of underground cables, 6800 m of interior cables and 30 electrical panels. 

The Association “Senegal Solidarity” and the “Twinning Committee of St Julien les Rosiers (Gard) and Djilacoune (Casamance)” requested volunteers from “Electriciens Sans Frontières” for an evaluation mission with the aim of evaluating the feasibility of the interior electrification of the Lycée de Ziguinchor and the Collège de Coubalan. “Solidarité Sénégal”, created 25 years ago, has been helping the village of Djilacoune and its surroundings since then through humanitarian and development actions.

The Solidarity Senegal / ESF identification mission resulted in: 

The meeting with the sub-prefect of Thangori and the Inspector of the Academy, the Principal of the Lycée “Djignabo Bassène” of Ziguinchor, the principal of the college and the mayor of Coubalan, the Presidents of parents' associations, the Heads of Villages, as well as the populations to define the needs and initiate a reflection on the possible achievements.  

The electrical equipment of the Lycée "Djignabo Bassène" will be carried out on the basis of a partnership between the Lycée, a training center for electricians in Ziguinchor, a French school for studies. Agreements of objectives will be concluded between all the partners. Regarding a "Training / Achievement", a large number of apprentices in the electrician trades will be trained on this "school site" which is very important for the region.  

The electrical equipment of the College of Coubalan will be carried out on the basis of a partnership between the College, a French Lycée pour les études and, at least, a young electrician craftsman from Coubalan. Here too, target agreements will be made between all the partners and through this "Training / Realization", the electrician craftsman will complete his knowledge on this other "school site".  

As the electricity grid has recently arrived in this community of bush communes, he will have the opportunity to have a unique experience. The maintenance teams of these two schools will be involved in these training courses. In addition, it is expected that during the first years following the completion of the works, the Apprentice Training Center will ensure the maintenance and upkeep of the Lycée's electrical equipment (training new apprentices), those of the College will be provided by the craftsman.

88 equipped classrooms, 3,400 m of underground cables and 6,800 m of interior cables laid, 30 boards installed ... Genuine citizen cooperation was set up: French students had made the preliminary studies of the site, Senegalese apprentices worked with ESF volunteers during the implementation, and all this for other young people in Casamance.

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