Pro magnetic level 23 cm

BIZ 700 336
  • Life time
Specifications Tech

Metallised level with corrosion-resistant paint.
Comprises 4 level vials set with epoxy: vertical plumb site, horizontal, 45° and 30° levels.

  • Status Actif
  • Pronto AU Part # 14214363
  • Length 230mm
  • Weight 202g
Uses & advantages Info

Avantages :

Rare-earth magnets, high quality materials for better fixing.
V-shaped grove to allow measurements for pipes and pipework for fixing.
Drilling holes marked every 71 mm in accordance with standard DIN 49075.

Application(s) :

Dual-view of vertical level for fast, accurate readings.
Lower magnetic foot adheres to metal surfaces.
Magnetic Torpedo Level 230 mm
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