Squale mini

BIZ 710 293 - BIZ710293EACH
  • Europe
Specifications Tech

Pre-filled with neutral insulating gel.
Installation temperature (°C): -40 to +50.
Operating temperature (°C): 90.
Maximum cable diameter (mm): 10.

  • Status Actif
  • Pronto AU Part # 14197138
  • Capacity 1 conductor 1-4mm²
  • Capacity 2 conductors 1-4mm²
  • Dimensions 61 x 18mm
  • Quantity per box 8
  • CE
  • UKCA
Uses & advantages Info

Connector's sealing cover for wires with a section up to 4 mm². Connection system not included.

Avantages :

Quick repair of your damaged cables.
Non toxic.

Application(s) :

Ensures quick and safe sealing of your connections.
Ideal in outdoor, damp or immersed environments when it is a cable protected by the cable outer sheath installed in the SQUALE MINI (up to 3 m).
Ideal in outdoor and in a derivation box when wires are not protected by a cable outer sheath.

Methode of use and advice Info

Methode of use :

1. Make your connection using a block or a connection terminal.
2. Insert your connection into the SQUALE MINI.
3. Close the SQUALE MINI, check that the gel slightly protrudes from the SQUALE MINI by winding the wires and/or the cable.

SQUALE mini S4 for sealed connection up to 3 conductors and wire 4 mm² (x 8)
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