Infrared thermometer

BIZ 790 395
  • 2 years
Easy to use and easy to transport.
Specifications Tech
Measuring range: from -30 °C to +260 °C (-22 °F to 500 °F).
Precision: +- 4 °C/+-7 °F.
LCD screen.
Can be used either with or without laser beam.
Backlit screen for improved visibility.
Either Celsius or Fahrenheit can be selected.
Usage temperature: 0 °C to +50 °C (32 °F to +122 °F).
Storage temperature: -20 °C to +60 °C (-4 °F to +140 °F).
Save date with "HOLD" function.
Indicates maximum and minimum values.
Auto power off after 8 seconds.
Power source: 9 V battery, NEDA 1604A or 66LR61 or equivalent.
Field of view: The distance to measurement point ratio for the thermometer's field of view is 8:1, which means that if the device is located 8 cm from the target, the diameter of the target must be at least 1 cm.
At a distance of 24 cm, the device measures a target of 3 cm. For further details, view the table printed on the device.
  • Status Actif
  • Pronto AU Part # 14247868
  • CE
Uses & advantages Info
This infrared thermometer lets you take simple temperature measurements as well as identify and point out hot areas in a room or on a specific surface.
Methode of use and advice Info

Methode of use :

Hold the device by the handle, point it towards the surface to be measured, pull the trigger and keep it held down to activate the device.
The display turns on and then shows the measurement for the surface pointed at.
Make sure the target is larger than the point to be measured.
The smaller the target is, the closer you need to get to it.
To locate a hotspot, point the thermometer towards the surface then sweep the entire zone using an up and down motion until you pinpoint the hotspot.
The device cannot take measurements through transparent surfaces such as glass. It measures the temperature on the surface of the glass.
Vapour, dust and smoke may obstruct the lens of the device and prevent precise readings.

Advice :

Be extremely careful when the laser beam is active.
Do not point the laser in your own eyes, or those of another person or animal.
Do not let the laser beam reflect off a reflective surface into your eyes.
The laser beam must not come in contact with explosive gases.
Infrared thermometer
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