Universal key with 14 articulated sockets

BIZ 790 236
  • Life time
  • Germany
Articulated key for higher tightening torque.
Specifications Tech
14 different sockets.
360° swivel arm rotation.
Nickel treated rotary shafts.
Die-cast zinc swivel inserts.
Swivel arms and connectors made of fibreglass reinforced plastic.
Weight (g): 105.
Dimensions (mm): 130 x 38.
Uses & advantages Info
Consists of:
  • Square (5/6/7/8/9mm).
  • Triangular (5-6/6-7/8-9 mm).
  • Bit-key (3-5 mm).
  • Hexagonal 1/4 for nozzle.
  • Square 1/4 for clamp nuts.

Avantages :

Dimensions directly read from each socket.
Usable in T, the universal key generates a high torque and allows easier loosening and tightening.
Universal key 14 bits foldable
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