SDS+ hammer drill bits 2 cutting edges - units

BIZ 700 608
  • Europe
Precision and speed of drilling
Specifications Tech
  • Ø 7mm
  • Total length 160mm
  • Useful length 100mm
Uses & advantages Info

Avantages :

Two cutting-edge carbide tip.
Centering point.
Quick removal of dust.
Direct transmission of the hammer energy to the drilling tip.

  • Solid materials
    Solid materials
  • Hollow materials
    Hollow materials
  • Concrete
  • Reinforced concrete
    Reinforced concrete
  • Cellular concrete
    Cellular concrete
  • Hollow brick
    Hollow brick
  • Solid brick
    Solid brick
  • Stone
  • Granit
SDS+ hammer drill bit 2 cutter 7 x 160 mm
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