As an organization, we’re part of a global community, with company roots in France. We also have a global Rexel Foundation based in Paris, which plays an important part in the organization’s wider corporate social responsibility.

How BizLine contributes?

We've been in New Zealand for more than 5 years now, and we love the country and our customers here!
We are moving forward with our social medias to engage more and more with you, and we love to meet each and every one of you in all Rexel branches. And what better way to say thank you than to give back to all our communities.
Therefore, we decided that 2% of the amount spent are donated to the Ideal Foundation.

ALL sales of BizLine products contribute to the ideal foundation, which 100 % supports these projects.

You can help support these initiatives by making BizLine items your preferred products!

Choose between our products in branches or on the web, and become involved in all of these great projects ! 

Thanks to our customers involvment BizLine has been able to give a check of $59, 380 NZD in 2020 and $39, 594 NZD in 2021 even during the sanitary crisis. 

You will find more explanations and conversations around
Ideal Foundation projects on IDEAL's website.

Discover more on IDEAL.CO.NZ