Nylon pull-wires with bizkart casing

BIZ 700 103
  • France
Specifications Tech

Hexagonal crimping.
Removable eyelet and flexible head.

  • Length 20m
  • Thread type M5
  • Accessories included BIZ 700 240 BIZ 700 241
  • Pull-wire Ø 4mm
  • Breakage 70kg
Uses & advantages Info

Supplied in BIZKART casing with:

  • A flexible head with M5 crimped pulling eyelet.
  • An M5 crimped pulling eyelet.

Application(s) :

For pulling cables through conduits and 20-25 mm electrical ducts.

Methode of use and advice Info

Advice :

Ideal for pulling 10 to 30 m cables in easily-congested environments.

Nylon pull-wire 20 m with BIZKART
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