Accessories for the suspension of cable trays

BIZ 710 357
Specifications Tech

Cable: galvanised steel.
Hardware: aluminium.

  • Cable Ø 2mm
  • Number of strands 2
  • Strand length 300mm
  • Load accepted 45kg
  • Quantity per box 10
Uses & advantages Info
Complete adjustable suspension system provided with an attachment point at each end.

Avantages :

Half the amount of drilling.
Single anchor point with no adjustment.
Carabinas: rapid removal for maintenance.
Easy cable pulling.
Compatibles with certain perforated sheeting cable routes.

Application(s) :

For suspension of all types of cable trays (wire and marine cable).
Compatible with suspension locks BIZ 710 405, BIZ 710 406 and BIZ 710 408.
Compatible with cables BIZ 710 350, BIZ 710 351, BIZ 710 352 and BIZ 710 353.

Methode of use and advice Info

Advice :

Follow the minimum and maximum operating loads.
Check that the cable has no traces of oil, paint or rust.
Do not use outdoors or in a chlorinated, marine or corrosive environment.
Do not use for lifting.
Use only for the suspension of equipment under static load.
Do not use for suspension at more than 60° from the vertical.
Cable tray ceiling suspension with hooks Ø 2 x 300 mm (x 10)
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