Double grip tape

BIZ 351 090
Specifications Tech

Maximum load resistance: 3.5 kg/cm².
Stud density per cm²: 42.
Resistance to temperature: -30 to +90 °C.
Installation temperature: +15 to +30 °C.

  • Status Actif
  • Length 2m
  • Width 25mm
  • Thickness 5.4mm
Uses & advantages Info

Strong adhesive tape coated with plastic studs which interlock when pressed.
This system can be used for invisible, openable and re-usable attachments.
The double tape guarantees a reliable and fast attachment with no need for a drill.

Avantages :

No drill required.
Convenient roll format.
Excellent resistance to humidity.

Application(s) :

Workshop set-up, installation of panels to access cables, attach cable trays, office equipment, etc.

Methode of use and advice Info

Methode of use :

Clean grease and dust carefully from the surfaces.
Cut 2 strips to the required length.
Apply strong pressure to the strips for 30 seconds.
Press the 2 strips together and make sure you hear a click guaranteeing a secure grip.
To open, separate the 2 strips by pulling.

Advice :

Optimal grip after 36 hours.

Double grip tape black 25 mm x 2 m x 5.4 mm
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