Rechargeable LED headlamp with sensor freehands

  • 2 years
BIZ 625 034
Rechargeable and with a hands-free function.

Rechargeable, compact headlamp with sensor.

Specifications Tech

Power: 5 W.
Luminous flux: 480 Lm (wide range + fasiceau spot) at 300 Lm (wide beam or spot beam alone).
Colour temperature: 4000 K.
Colour rendering index: ≥ 80.
Beam: Spot (40) ° and wide (120 °).
Material: PC.
Operating temperature: -20 ° C to + 45 ° C.
60 ° orientable base.
Magnetic base.
Autonomy: 1.5 h (wide beam + spot) at 3.5 h (wide beam or spot beam only).
Charging time: 3 h.
Lithium 3.7V 1400 mAh battery.
Input voltage charger
Supplied with a non-slip elastic headband.
Headband: from 12 cm to 22 cm.
Supplied with a USB / micro USB connection cable 1 m long.
Weight: 0.1 Kg.

Uses & advantages Info

Inspection and security lighting.

Hands-free function allows easy and fast use.
Magnetic holder to use the frontal without the headband.
Non-slip headband for easy attachment on a helmet. 

Fully charge and discharge the battery for longer life.

Press once = spot beam.
Press twice = wide beam.
Press three times = spot + wide beam.
Press four times = Front Off.
Memory function after 2 seconds.
When a beam is on, press the detector button.
The hands-free function is triggered.
The lighting and the extinction of the frontal is made by passing twice his hand in front of the optics.
To disable this function, simply press the sensor button again. 

Rechargeable LED headlamp with sensor freehands
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