1 tree for every £300 (excl. VAT) order on BizLine products!

As part of its ESG policy, BizLine is committed to an exceptional
operation until December 31, 2022:

From 300 euros of purchase excluding VAT of BizLine products on rexel.co.uk,
BizLine plants a tree, with its partner Trees Everywhere.

Since the end of 2020, Trees-Everywhere has launched the "1 billion trees“ initiative.
This is an ambitious figure that will allow us to see carbon sinks, biodiversity
refuges and cooling areas flourish throughout France.

Trees Everywhere


TreesEverywhere is an organisation, located in Marseille, which has a pretty crazy project: planting 1 billion trees!

TreesEverywhere works with cities, companies and associations to include tree planting mechanisms in their ESG initiatives!
BizLine is very proud of this partnership, which is perfectly integrated into its ESG approach, which associates customers and employees.


  • Trees Everywhere

    Inclusion of the most vulnerable populations with the use of local ESATs for tree planting. In addition, the plantations support local employment by working with local service providers.


    Survival rate analysis and measurements of planted species are carried out each year.

    The data collected is a guarantee of traceability.

    Trees Everywhere
  • Trees Everywhere

    •   Soil retention by regulating water,
    •   Plant and animal biodiversity
    •   Soil preservation
    •   Anti-noise and dust
    •   Well-being
    •   CO2 capture.


    Climate forests are preserved from
    all selective cutting and clear
    cutting for up to 99 years.
    A Real Environmental Obligation
    Agreement signed by the owner
    guarantees the sustainability
    of these forest area.

    Trees Everywhere
BUY BIZLINE PRODUCTS *Action valid for all orders placed on rexel.fr between April 22 and December 31, 2022 inclusive. 1 tree will be replanted for each order (made in 1 order) of BizLine or Gigamedia products from 300 euros excluding tax of purchase made on rexel.fr.