BizLine is Ecovadis Platinium

BizCare, Bizline's CSR approach, aimed at controlling our social and environmental impacts as much as possible, while continuing to support our customers in their daily lives. Since 2018, we have been implementing actions along 5 lines to address the subject of our products, packaging, supply chain, quality of life at work and stakeholders. 

Why Ecovadis? 

Ecovadis is the world reference in CSR rating. Present in more than 175 countries, it evaluates more than 100,000 companies in more than 200 sectors of activity... including the Rexel Group and many of its suppliers! Since last year, we have been submitting our BizCare approach to the Ecovadis assessment in order to provide concrete proof of our CSR commitments!

What changed this year in the Ecovadis assessment?

As climate issues are evolving, Ecovadis has revised its questionnaire to include 20% more questions than in 2021 and these are increasingly demanding

 In addition to the questionnaire, the rating scale has also been revised. To achieve the Gold Medal, a minimum score of 67 out of 100 is now required (compared to 66 last year). For the Platinum medal, a score of at least 75 points is now required (compared to 73 previously).

How did BizLine CSR approch evolve?

Encouraged by the gold medal received in 2021, our teams have redoubled their efforts to reach the next step! In concrete terms, we have launched a number of new actions, improved those implemented the previous year and developed numerous KPIs. 


  • Earth Day dedicated to CSR (workshop & internal awareness) 
  • Climate Fresco training for all French employees 
  • TreesEve digital operation to plant trees in France in exchange for a purchase price 
  • Joining the FRET 21 programme to reduce CO2 emissions from transport 
  • Drafting and making available PEP (Product Environmental Profile) sheets 
  • Introduction of recyclable consumables in the warehouse (plastic film and recyclable adhesives) 
  • Provision of new collection flows at head office: bio-waste, disposable masks, clothing; new social service provider for the cafeteria 
  • Environmental report with calculation of impacts including carbon footprint 

 Social & humans rights

  • Social review 
  • Training review 
  • Hybrid Work Policy 
  • Parenthood guide 
  • Gender equality index 
  • Dedicated training for our "Sexist behaviour and sexual harassment" referent 
  • Dedicated training for the HR team on discrimination in recruitment.


  • Ethical report and information security 
  • Cybersecurity training

 Responsible Purchasing

  • Inclusion of a CSR component in supplier tenders 
  • Audit of our suppliers' CSR approach 
  • Responsible purchasing report

In all, we provided Ecovadis with 30 new documents, attesting to our new CSR commitments and actions.

BizLine 2022 results : Platinium

All these new actions have enabled us to obtain the Platinum medal, the highest Ecovadis distinction, with a score of 77/100.

Thanks to its detailed report, Ecovadis allows us to know our strong points, but also our areas for improvement in order to further control our ecological and social impacts.